Teaching the disciplines Design and Construction is an essential part of course content in the Department of Architecture D-ARCH. The task of the Institute of Design and Architecture IEA is to elaborate and implement a long-term strategy for the teaching of design and construction that does justice to the international scope of the D-ARCH programme as well as the ETH Zürich.

The discussion platform of the new institute fosters exchange on teaching concepts, specifically on the principles and methods by which by which design and construction can best be taught. The objective is to formulate an essential contribution to the overall teaching strategy of the D-ARCH and to play a constructive part in departmental and professorial assemblies. The Institute IEA provides opportunities for cooperation on common objectives and the fruitful combination of individual interests, and thereby supports individual working groups and committees at the D-ARCH. Consensus among the design and construction Chairs on primary objectives and how to attain them is vital. Such consensus can be reached only through frank debate. The point is by no means to restrict the individuality of respective positions but, rather, to focus on those issues on which a measure of consensus already exists.

IEA - Institut of Design and Architecture
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